Course Requirements

General Expectations:

Students are required to complete two tasks for each meeting, which are identified in the schedule as “Spectatorship” and “Reading.” “Spectatorship,” in this sense does not mean passive viewing or consumption, but active and critical engagement with primary texts. Upon viewing, reading, or interacting with the “Spectatorship” texts, students are expected to be able to apply theory and critique from the “Reading” and discuss them in class and online.

Attendance Policy: You are allowed one absence without penalty. As per department policy, if you have two or more absences within the first two weeks, you will be dropped from the course. Your grade will be lowered after two unexcused absences. After four absences you will receive a zero (0) for your participation grade. After five unexcused absences you will fail the course. Please e-mail me regarding any absences, planned or unplanned.’

Housekeeping and Ground Rules

  • Arrive to class on time. (It is your responsibility, not mine, to make sure you are marked present. Repeated tardiness will count as absence.)
  •  Complete all assignments and reading and be ready to participate in class.
  •  Actively engage in any in-class assignments, activities, discussions.
  •  Silence all electronic devices and refrain from classroom distractions, including texting.

Academic Honesty: As you work on the assignments for this course, you should be particularly mindful of plagiarism and copyright violation. Every external source that you use must be appropriately cited in your work. Any incidents of plagiarism or other forms of academic dishonesty will be reported. If you are in doubt about whether or not you need citations, you might consult a CLAS tutor or

Diversity Statement

Each student in this class is expected to treat other students with respect regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality, economic background, religion, age, ability, etc. Hate speech or other acts of targeted prejudicial speech will not be tolerated. Any student’s behavior that intimidates or makes difficult the attendance of another student will be considered harassment. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a situation or a discussion that occurs before, during, or after class, please do not hesitate to talk to me, or, if you are not comfortable speaking with me, please talk to someone in the Office of Student Life ( or the Women’s Center (’scenter/). Your best interests will always be respected in taking any necessary actions.

Writing Assignments: Writing must be in MLA style: double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman. Please consult the MLA Handbook, posted reference sites, or ask me, if you are unsure about proper formatting. Essays that do not follow these guidelines will be docked points. All students are required to submit their papers digitally on GauchoSpace as well as hard copies. Hard copies must be turned into me.

For assistance on papers beyond my office hours, consider visiting CLAS:  Please remember CLAS writing tutors do not proofread or edit papers.

Late Policy: Late papers will be graded down ⅓ grade for every day that they are late, unless prior arrangements have been made with me. Polite requests for extensions will be considered only after you have shown me your progress on the paper thus far.

Disabilities and Accommodations

If you need special academic assistance in any way, please let me know and register with the Disabled Students Program (


Grade Breakdown:

Participation, including attendance: 20%
Short paper (3-4 pages): 10%
Midterm: 15%
Abstract and Annotated Bibliography: 20%
Presentation and Critical Paper (7-8 pages) or Blog (~2500 words): 35%


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